Light Body Activator Mala

Light Body Activator Mala

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"This STUNNING Shivoham Exclusive is an abundant generator of pure crystalline light, Ascension frequency and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Imagine the gift of a 108 +1 Mala strung with the HIGHEST QUALITY PURE WHITE TULSI wood beads, Prehnite gemstones, a sprinkling of gold and perfectly finished with a hand crafted PURE STERLING SILVER Ganesh!

The moment you hold this in your hand you will feel the energy and emanation of Love, support and Ascension frequency! Wearing this mala calls forward your highest presence and seems to make the day an effortless journey of Peace, Love and Joy!

Green Prehnite radiates the loving energy of acceptance. This gift assists us to fully accept oneself and others while enhancing receptivity. This stone also connects us to beings on the higher spiritual planes while enhancing spiritual growth. It assists you to to be prepared as it also enhances precognition and the gift of prophecy.

Tulsi wood, (in the family of basil), is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. In India, Tulsi is regarded as the most sacred plant.

and is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s consort... the consciousness and mother of the Universe! Wearing PURE WHITE TULSI invites good luck and prosperity to be ""one"" with your energy field.

Lord Ganesh! The remover of all obstacles and the provider of abundance, this hand made STERLING SILVER Ganesh assists the properties of the Tulsi and Prehnite to be in Sacred Union as the carriers of your ascended presence.

A beautiful mala that is perfect to wear anytime, anywhere."

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