Guaranteed Authenticity

Shivoham Malas for Ascension cares deeply that ALL of our products exceed your expectations. We feel confident of this due to our high standards for selection and acceptance of ALL raw materials and products we offer. We are also blessed to receive consistently amazing feedback from our clientele. Feel free to read some of these by clicking here.

100% of our inventory is hand selected, carefully inspected, blessed and energized.
The products we offer are lovingly designed to support your journey of ascended presence, the blessing of healing and divine connection to spirit.

We use our products ourselves. We know through firsthand experience the benefits and beauty that they offer.

You can be assured that ALL of our Rudraksha have been through rigorous testing and are energetically alive and only of the highest quality.

Our selections of Shiva Eye Agate stones are all hand-selected and MANY are rejected. You will notice the immediate presence of these stunning and energetically powerful stones. Whether you purchase a large stone for your altar, healing work, your personal journey or one of the many pieces of ascension wearable art that incorporates these beautiful beings there is a divine gift waiting for you.

There are many sites currently offering crystal, amethyst and other gemstones as "authentic" when they are indeed lab made. We only use REAL stones in all of our creations and you will notice that they convey a lovely energy and presence.

Your confidence is honored and appreciated and we return that gift with our Guarantee of Authenticity to you!