Who We Are

We are honored that your heart has called you to discover who we are. The truth is that who we are matters not…who I AM is the only truth!

Shivoham Malas for Ascension, is the result of many years of spiritual practice and miracle manifestation. Our experience of miracles is now so frequent they feel normal. Our hearts offer to you the radiant love that comes from sharing this blessing with all who are ready to receive the joy of unconditional love, true abundance, vibrant health and a connection to spirit that defies words.

The vast field of experiences we have navigated has birthed this website as a resource for Authenticity! Our planet is shifting! Everyone is waking to the level of spirit that is perfect for them. As your heart connects with Who we are, may you feel only gratitude from us, that in this moment you remembered yourself!

Shivoham Malas is one of the best online shops to buy miraculous healing gemstones, crystal malas & sacred Rudraksha. As you move through this website, trust yourself and where you are guided! Trust the pages you discover and the information calling to you. Most of all, have fun!

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