The Shiva Wisdom Pendulum of Unified Consciousness

The Shiva Wisdom Pendulum of Unified Consciousness

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A stunning combination of Hand Selected Narmada Shivalinga stones, Himalayan Crystal and Amethyst all set in silver! This design was gifted to the world by Lord Shiva himself and is a Shivoham Exclusive.

The superb setting of the all the stones of this pendulum, calls forward the energy of the "Eternal body of Light"...commonly known as the Ankh, and carries a powerfully unique energy.

Narmada-Stone - tantric lingam stone, cosmic eggs, from the Narmada river in India are one of the oldest religious symbols of human civilization they are naturally tumbled and pre-shaped by the river".

There is a popular Hindi saying “Narmada ke kanker utte Shankar” which means “the pebbles of the Narmada turn into a manifest form of Shiva” referring to the fact that the pebbles in the bottom of the river take the lingam shape.

The Shivalingas found in the Narmada are made of crypto crystalline quartz, and are said to have been formed from a meteorite that fell to Earth several million years ago.

They are also called Svayambhu Lingas, meaning in Sanskrit “Self-existent mark or sign of God”, because they are discovered in nature and not carved or crafted by human hands. They are truly the sacred and self-manifest representations of Shiva.

Narmada Shivalingas represent the blending of male and female energy, with the shape of the stone representing the male (knowledge), and the markings on it representing the female (wisdom). "ShivaShakti" This blending of Shiva and his consort or energy,

Shakti, is essential for the growth of the human race. The lingas also illustrate harmony through duality and represent power, creation and the physical plane. They greatly assist with grounding sacred energy for divine unified presence. In combination with the silver, Himalayan Quartz Crystal and Amethyst this is a beautiful yet elegant tool that calls forward your highest guidance and wisdom.

You will be delighted with clear answers to complex questions and the energy received from working with pure streams of divine light! Your sacred pendulum is hand crafted and blessed through sacred ceremony to carry a pure frequency ready for your highest service. It consists of: Hand selected high quality Narmada Shivalinga wrapped in silver and attached to a proper length chain for effective dowsing ending with a crystal bead.

Crystal: A powerful clearing transmitter...brings the energy of the stars into Soul/Clarity/Amplification Amethyst: Amplifies your sacred intentions and clears the field of all negativity.

Silver: Enhances other stones and connects the physical with the universal and also enhances the immune system. Faceted Crystal point: Directs the full unified field of the energies of all other stones as a pure stream of divine consciousness.