The Healer’s Protection Mala

The Healer’s Protection Mala

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The ULTIMATE mala for ALL HEALERS, (or anyone who wants to call forward greater healing energy)! Imagine a mala that actually does exactly what you want it to do! Stabilize the physical body while protecting your heart center as it emits the energy of Peace, Love and Joy!
Strategic placement of carefully selected gemstone beads within the mala are designed to assist your energy field to remain robust IN ANY SITUATION. Knowing that you are honestly protected from any free-floating negative energy, you become FREE TO BE!

This 108 + 1 Mala features a Shiva Eye as the “guru” bead!

Hand selected and perfectly set in Sterling Silver this energy becomes the “super conductor” of protection!

Beautiful Green Jade wraps around your neck offering PURE SUPPORT For your physical and emotional body while igniting and expanding your attraction field!

Four Tiger eye beads, each graced by silver discs, are spaced so that when worn they form a “heart shield” that offers you stability and comfort.

The Carnelian Trinity is the gateway for profound spiritual healing as it calls forward greater creativity, courage and protection. As a trinity in alignment with the Shiva eye, this energy is a motivator of the soul!

Once you wear this mala you will want to keep it on forever! Soothing, protecting and beautiful…keep it on your altar when not wearing or hang in a healing room to amplify the energy.