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Handcrafted earrings finely made from Sterling Silver includes Emerald stones.
LIMITED EDITION! Imagine the blessing of slipping on “every day ascension” energy that offers extraordinary connection for the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th chakras. Beautiful and easy to wear; you will find yourself wearing them everyday and with everything!
These handcrafted earrings are finely made from only the best quality 92.5 Sterling Silver and generously coated with Rhodium to assure years of untarnished beauty and durability! Set with the energy of either Emerald or Ruby they are then matched with a hand selected, 15mm, 5 Mukhi Nepalese Rudraksha. Each set radiates the energy of the stones and the Rudraksha combination and you may discover you want to wear one of each! If you have double pierced ears, wearing both sets can be beneficial especially if you are seeking greater connection and deeper wisdom from the divine.

Available with the active energy of either genuine Emerald or Ruby
Emerald: Powerful activator for Healing literally everything and for enhancing Abundance, Vision, Intuition, Inspiration and Bliss!

Ruby: Expanding your Divine Creativity and an attractor of fortune, it also promotes self-esteem, intuition and Spiritual wisdom!

Gift yourself with noticing how you are called to wear them on any given day! The unique design also allows you to wear them so that the Rudraksha and gemstones touch the side of the neck for additional amplification of the energies.

Fully compatible with ALL other Shivoham offerings, these are a staple for your Ascended presence.