EK Mukhi Rudraksha of Enlightenment w/ Adjustable Cord

EK Mukhi Rudraksha of Enlightenment w/ Adjustable Cord

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Lord Shiva! Bountiful Ganesh!

This perfectly set exquisite and rare One Mukhi offers you peace, protection, clarity and divine connection! Wearing the One Mukhi Rudraksha is the Epitome of Living Abundance! Known as the direct connection with Shiva, this stunning seed calls forward all of the attributes of the cosmic life force energies to assist your ascension journey!

This beautiful setting is made of PURE STERLING SILVER and hand crafted by loving artisans prior to being blessed in sacred Puja, (ceremony). It is a radiant piece that offers far more than meets the eye! Simple, elegant, effective!

This is the ultimate selection for those who are ready to dive into the depths of their abundant nature!

On a high quality purple adjustable cord, experiment with where you feel or are called to adjust the pendant. For many there is a natural affinity to wear it close to the neck in the central area, almost like a choker style. And...you may discover there are days when lowering this blessing to the area of the high heart ignites a greater sense of connection and soothes your emotional body. Fully extend the cord and notice what you discover!

The violet flame of transmutation comes forward to surround your energy field and is held with calm love through the anchoring of the two, five mukhi Rudraksha at the ends of the cord. Price listed for comination as shown. Available with the 5 Collector Large Nepalese Mukhi for ONLY $25 more! (while supplies last) Please inquire for your custom combination.

Additionally, for many the wearing of the One Mukhi offers the additional benefits of relieving headaches and addictions while offering soothing energy to the Body, Mind and Spirit! Price shown Create Your Own!
As if the Beautiful One Mukhi in the form of the Half Moon was not enough, the addition of Lord Ganesh offering his blessing through the divine grace of Shiva ignites this beauty to a new level of abundant energy!

Flawlessly finished, the addition of four, Five Mukhi Rudraksha, (two at the top of the One Mukhi and two at the ends of the adjustable cord), offer a "Diamond foundation" of protection and create a cocoon of love and protection that assists all of the chakras to sing!

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