Cosmic OM Laxmi Lotus Seed Lapis and Prehnite Masters Mala

Cosmic OM Laxmi Lotus Seed Lapis and Prehnite Masters Mala

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Ready to call forward your Mastery? You just discovered The PERFECT mala! An elegant Shivoham exclusive combination of High-Quality hand selected Lotus Seeds, brought together with Prehnite and a single stunning Lapis gem as the "guru" bead. Bring all that together with a handcrafted STERLING SILVER with 24 Karat GOLD plated OM and perfection is attained. The knots of the lotus seeds are tied with red thread as a symbol of power and peace-filled strength and the Cosmic Blue tassel tied with metallic gold calls forward ALL of the energies of this mala to sustain and enhance your life!


This mala is a generous length and was designed to be worn according to your daily support needs! Wear it LONG and full length when you are seeking to protect and support all of your chakras. Wear it wrapped once or twice or even three times when you are ready for divine connection with your heart and upper chakras. A perfect accessory for any occasion and a beautiful gift when meditating. We LOVE This mala!
Lotus Seeds
Lotus Seeds are the divine incarnation of the goddess Laxmi and just as the lotus blooms from the mud, so does wearing these precious seeds offer your life the energy of blooming with prosperity, spirituality and divine wisdom! They are extraordinarily peaceful and assist you to maintain clarity and calmness when worn.



The Stone of Prophecy, Prehnite has long been used by spiritual shamans as it boosts prophetic abilities, enhances visualization and spiritual "knowing". It is loving aid for connecting with higher realms as well as spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. Lucid dreaming is called forward by Prehnite, while dreams are made easier to remember and nightmares are reduced. Prehnite is known to "Heal the Healer," and can revitalize your personal healing environment.



The BEST stone for the throat chakra as it encourages clear, truthful expression and the release of anger and judgment! It also opens the third eye…wide…and is a great protector while enhancing spiritual journeying. Lapis gently assists the Immune system to alleviate migraines, headaches & pain!