The Divine Trinity Bracelet

The Divine Trinity Bracelet

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This stunning unisex adjustable bracelet is exactly what everyone needs and wants!
Imagine the blessing of wearing the combined energies of the two goddesses Laxmi, (wealth and abundance) and Durga, (power and protection), beautifully nestled in between a stunning Shiva eye agate! The commanding presence of Lord Shiva supported by the feminine forms of divine manifestation!

You will find yourself reaching for this bracelet often and notice stunning shifts in your life!
The Laxmi energy is carried by a perfectly selected superior quality 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
Ma Durga comes forward in her powerful presence through a stunning superior quality 9 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Everything is set in pure sterling silver and a lovely OM assists the energies to emit high energy frequencies all day!

Between the goddesses rests the divine illumination of Lord Shiva himself in the form of the “awakened one”. A perfectly set Shiva eye Agate!

Hand crafted in pure sterling silver the back is also exposed to insure direct contact with the meridians and power energy lines of the wrist for divine activation.
Calling forward the balance of masculine/feminine and the blessing of peace-filled abundance brings greater clarity and presence into your life.
This stunning Shivoham exclusive design is finished with high quality adjustable blue cord.

This finish sustains the energy of the Blue Ray of Crystalline light.
There are two 5 Mukhi Rudraksha at the ends offering the energy of the trinity times the trinity.

The 5 Mukhi is Lord Shiva himself and these 2 additional Rudraksha perfectly support for the two Goddess Rudraksha. Price listed for combination as shown. Please inquire for your custom combination. Can be done with Purple, Blue or Black cord.