The Cosmic Presence Mala

The Cosmic Presence Mala

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Are you ready to invite your Master within to fully step forward without doubt? This new mala from the Mastery Presence Collection is definitely for you! This Mala will provide you with great Support, Clarity and Divine Connection as you say “Yes” to your own Mastery. The Mala was created long enough to cover your body from the solar plexus to your neck, gifting you with the most powerful ignition, support and protection.

Created with the highest quality Nepalese Rudrakshas combined with very rare sacred Shiva Eyes to offer the wearer the most unique, reassuring and uplifting combination of energy.

Choose from two unique selections to support your journey.

The 6+1 Shiva Eyes stoned Mala will offer you the gift of a swirling pool of Creative and perfectly Balance energy along with the recognition of the Master within you.

The stunning 10+1 Shiva Eyes stoned Mala will give you the gift of open Divine Connection and Manifestation Power.

The Mala is elegantly finished with lovely bright blue silky tassel.

The Cosmic Presence Mala can be worn every day by anyone for its beauty and support, and will be great addition for Energy, Light workers and Practitioners to help them effortlessly lift up into Mastery Presence.