Shivoham Sacred Siddha Mala

Shivoham Sacred Siddha Mala

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An ancient mystical combination of the 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha with Gauri Shankar & Ganesha Rudraksha all designed in pure silver. The stunningly high quality and beautiful Rudraksha are capped with pure silver flowers & linked with fine quality, durable pure silver wire.

The mala is completed with a pure silver chain that easily slips over the neck. The 1 to 14 much Rudraksha mala is traditionally worn throughout the ages for Dharma, (protection), Artha, (a fulfilled life), Kama, (dreams come true), and Moksha, (soul liberation from rebirth).

The Chain portion is 24 inches, which allows for this mala to sit just between the heart and third chakra for most people. This is the favored position on the body for peak effectiveness.

Rudraksha sizes vary from approx. 9 mm to 14 mm size with 25 mm. The Half Moon, 1 Mukhi at the bottom center is capped in pure silver with the grace of OM. Enjoy the Benefits of wearing a Shivoham Sacred Siddha Mala!

This lovely handcrafted quality mala ignites a grace-filled flow of integration for the third and fifth dimension. It offers a soothing and loving emanation while enhancing your life to be filled with ease and smooth flow. An igniter of positivity, it is a loving foundation that supports your creative manifestation abilities to attract greater health, wealth and overall success.

It is one of the rare powerful healing malas worn for attracting blessings and clarity for your soul’s mission during this lifetime. It is capable of integrating with your energy to call forward your dreams into reality. Additionally, wearing this mala often assists your energy field to clear obstacles related to success, health and other things in life.

Through the ignition of the positive energy into your auric field, it transforms your field into a “success attractor”. These sacred Rudraksha, in this specific combination, call forth the divine blessings of lord Shiva and many claim they become the energy of Shiva itself!

Through this connection, the chakras receive steady, clean and soft healing. A gentle yet clear transformation of the emotional and physical body create a clear channel of inspiration.

And! For those who feel the call to the ultimate divine connection, please view the Shivoham Indra Mala of Enlightenment [(1 to 21 Mukhi) by clicking here