Sarva Siddha Manifested Enlightenment Set!

Sarva Siddha Manifested Enlightenment Set!

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A Shivoham Exclusive Design Custom Crafted Specifically for you! Please send sizes of both wrists with your order!

*Custom Order Item, Allow 30 days for delivery
The name itself conjures through your divine alchemy the mystical prowess of the universe! The Sarva Siddha is the MAHA or "great one" of the combinations of Rudraksha! Energetically closely allied with the Indra Mala of Enlightenment that contains all 1-21 Mukhi, this powerful set calls forward the integrated majesty of Rudraksha 2 through 16!

Selecting only the finest quality Rudraksha that have been lovingly and painstakingly looked after. You will tangibly feel and be empowered as you connect with the 1000 mantras chanted by our priests as part of this combination. This is truly an invaluable asset and crafted to be worn as double bracelets that radiate extraordinary positive energy as they empower your ability to experience your dreams as reality!

If your heart is ready for divine balance and prosperity in all aspects of your life as you become one with the enlightened state, this is the set for you! AND! Many claim, and we have also experienced, that wearing this full set of the 2 through 16 Mukhi calls forward rapid and beautiful abundance in ALL areas of your life! Smiles radiate as you witness your financial, personal, and spiritual lives all lovingly integrated together as the harmony of ascended presence with grace and ease!

This is the set that is for those who will not accept anything less than the attainment of the ascended enlightened state of being! Once attained the effortless ease of miracles in action becomes your divine service as you step forward with beauty and empowered self-confidence.

You will discover the vast affects wearing this set offers to you and often physical experiences of the third chakras, along with the 'stress' felt in the upper back that comes from "carrying burdens" dissolves as you begin to feel energetically uplifted and divine inspiration pours through you to create!

Each Rudraksha has been carefully hand set in a cradle of pure sterling silver, and set for maximum energetic benefit. The easy to use sterling clasp with safety latch makes placing these on your wrist an effortless gift and they seem to become one with your energy so much that you may forget you are wearing them! Comfortable and visually appealing, you can wear all four every day and this set works beautifully in harmony with the Cosmic Trihul Shiva eye ring as seen in the photo showing the set on the hand. Learn more about the Cosmic Trishul ring by clicking here.

To learn more about each rudraksha in this energetic powerhouse set, just click here and scroll to view the chart!