Chikna Rudraksha Mala

Chikna Rudraksha Mala

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THE FINEST quality Rudraksha!
108 + 1 8mm hand selected/processed/and properly Blessed Rudraksha seeds. This stunningly potent energetic mala hangs 22" from the neck thereby supporting ALL the chakras. It can easily be worn doubled around the neck or twisted around a wrist! Srung on finest quality STURDY Red silk cord with matching Red Tassel for maximum energetic benefits!

Chikna Rudraksha Beads Mala uses hand picked/selected , Finest quality, smooth , hard , round and lustrous 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads.

The Five mukhi represents Rudra Kalagni .
This is a VERY auspicious and sacred mala that sincerely assists those ready to awaken into the depth of purpose or the state of "Upaguru" that enhances awareness, memory, clarity & intellect.

This potent 5 mukhi Rudraksha is optimal for wearing & chanting mantras as it connects you to the grace of Lord Shiva as your Ascended Presence.

This is the FIRST thing Shivoham Designer Kira Raa places on herself daily! The Chikna mala SUPPORTS ALL the major chakra points. It also offers BALANCE AND HARMONY for the five elements of the human body (fire, water, air, sky and Earth) and assists your ascended presence by offering LOVE AND PEACE to the five energies of density, (lust,anger,greed, attachment and ego).

Once you place this very sacred mala on your body you will immediately understand why it is so power-full as you enjoy the peace, love and joy emanation.

REMEMBER! Shivoham offers only the finest quality REAL Rudraksha! Your Chikna Mala will turn color the more you wear it and this is your sign of authenticity and the energetic properties of the Rudraksha!