Ascended Sanity - Home Study Class

Ascended Sanity - Home Study Class

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compelling…spot on…easy to apply…life-shifting…amazing

Three-part home study taught by Sri & Kira

For a donation of only $22 acquire priceless tools for living empowered NOW!


Over 3 hours of fascinating information, invaluable practices, immediately useful techniques, and energy support!

Complete audio recordings

All workshop materials

Can Three Classes Change your life?

Our world has entered the next phase of our human evolution. Life as we know it will forever be shifted and your role within the greater context has shifted as well

Some have gently moved with the flow of these shifts and others have experienced them as pounding waves against the shore. Regardless of the experience of the shift, IT IS HERE and we are each being called to a greater expansive journey!

Imagine that regardless of whatever is happening around you, your ability to maintain presence is unaffected.

Imagine living without being tied to the economic indicators as your personal guide to being abundant.

Imagine experiencing the escalating chaos without fear or anxiety.

Imagine that life…right now!

That extraordinarily abundant life is known as Ascended Sanity and there are tools and secrets to assist you to walk through this moment. As simple as 1-2-3, you will quickly and simply discover your Ascended presence as you align with the fifth dimensional energies that are here to lift you through 2022!

Join in the fun and from your own home.

In three amazing sessions, you will learn how to navigate the perceived chaos and how to harness the gift of the ascended state through Self-Revelation, Creative Action & Abundant Expansion!

During the First Class
Understand How we create and re-create
drama in our lives and anchor the
energy to break free of
any limiting beliefs!

During the Second Class
Discover our True Needs on an emotional, physical and spiritual basis and understand our personal triggers and how to take action to fully embrace our life with Passionate Action!

And, during the Third Class
Harness the lessons of the first two calls and create abundant manifest flow for our lives through expansionary Self-Ascension practices and techniques!

The content and training you will experience during this profound workshop is priceless! How could you place a value on something that will make such a huge difference at such an important moment?

Ascended Sanity will assist you to break through the barriers that may be limiting you. In just three loving and easy to follow tele-workshop classes you will experience greater personal freedom to see the much larger picture that is unfolding before all of humanity!

Imagine yourself FREE to have an amazing life…right now!

Imagine yourself truly unaffected by the perceptions of chaos and turmoil!

Humanity is at the “if not now moment”, and so are you!

Register now for only $22