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Learn how to manifest and heal anything and everything!
Learn how to ignite the sacred spiritual power that comes from unifying your field through Oneness with the Seven Rays of Crystalline Light!

This Mystical Ancient Science has never been taught since the end days of Atlantis!

In the privacy of your own home and on your time you will unlock ancient power!

As humanity has now entered into a time of escalating Ascension frequencies you can access spiritual wisdom and power previously hidden. Imagine the blessing you can bring into your daily life by learning:

1. How to apply the ancient knowledge and scientific principles of ASCENDED Rudraksha and Cosmic Shiva eyes!

2. How the 7 Rays of Crystalline Light support your physical, emotional & spiritual bodies to easily sustain Ascension Frequencies.

3. How to use the Sacred Activator Sequence that reveals the “hidden DNA and memories” of ALL the chakras! You will master this Oneness process.

4. How to live with higher dimensional energies in a third dimensional world!

Sri & Kira are offering this extraordinary home study journey as a gift of world service for a Shakti Exchange of only $44.

This is a fully integrated process that is highly effective, brings tangible results and stabilizes your ability to heal and manifest. These timeless spiritual principals can be applied to anything!

As part of this program you will also receive YOUR MASTER SOUL CODE that will reveal a depth of interpretation along with video segments that fully demonstrate the Sacred Activator Sequences for your maximum integration!

Consider the blessings you will call forward when you absolutely know how
Your $44 Shakti Exchange, gives you everything. Including three full hour audio sessions, 3 PDF workbooks for each lesson, and The complete Sacred Activator Sequence Manaul. Plus you will also receive your personal Master Soul Code and Ascended interpretation!

The Ascension Initiation upon us continues to escalate through 2022; we are being invited to live beyond the boundaries of what we call “normal”. This gifts us with a more expanded expression of “self” once we relax into “the other side”. The process of Ascension, (spiritual growth), is actually freedom; yet it is often met by moments of fear, grief and excitement depending upon where our focus is placed.

Self-Ascension practices in combination with regular Avesa energy keep the light of consciousness and our spiritual flow in motion! This ascended flow supports our evolution and assists us to safely navigate the shifting landscape of our planet.

Each of us carries within the seeds of divine ascended presence! You are reading this now because those seeds are ready to BLOOM and offer to you the harvest of your journey!

Deep inside you have known that there is more! You may even have connected with pieces of this puzzle, yet here you are now… ready for the next leap!

Many millennia ago the Blue Starborn offered divine support for this planet with tangible loving reminders that were “seeded” on Gaia to assist all who chose to remember their deeper truth.

Crystals, mountains, energies and numerous sacred objects are scattered throughout this planet like presents waiting to be opened. The greater call has now come forward. The Seven Rays of Crystalline Light and the Sacred Activator Sequences have been in a dormant state until humanity, as a collective, reached the appropriate energy. The crescendo that began in 2015 has prepared us for this moment.

Some pieces of this divine knowledge have been available, yet largely misunderstood and/or manipulated through the distortions of the Kali Yuga of this age. We can now safely integrate the divine wisdom.

In this teaching we will integrate the elements now ready to be synergized into an alchemical power.

Crystals are universal. They call to us through their beauty and through their ability to generate energy. As such, they are often an opening gateway and an invaluable asset forour journey.

In the ancient texts of the oldest civilizations on the planet we discover significant references to the Blue Starborn and the gifts of wisdom that they showered to our early descendants.

Specifically for this time, there are three primary crystals that integrate with the SEVEN RAYS OF CRYSTALLINE LIGHT and harmonize with the sacred Rudraksha.

Rudraksha beads are a precious gift placed on this planet and their healing energy has been recognized from ancient times. The mystical Vedic stories of Shiva, (an early Blue Starborn pioneer of this planet),contain this “hidden knowledge” and we are ready to finally harness these gifts as they were intended to be used for the welfare and benefit of all humanity.

The term Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva. Rudra stands for Shiva and Aksha for Shiva’s tears. It is said that is was Lora Shiva himself who send his tears to bring Healing, Empowerment and Success to mankind.

His tears became the seeds of the mighty Rudraksha tree and the fruits of the tree are blue to remind us of our Blue Starborn heritage.

For eons there existed one primary accepted application for the effective usage of Rudraksha. Based upon the Puranas and Vedas this information was appropriate for the earlier times and still has application within the Ascended Sciences.

However as they say: When you are ready, the teacher appears! The finest teacher is your Inner Wisdom, that loving, patient and stunning soul frequency that truly has the answers!

As the energy on our planet has ignited a rapid rise in polarity, fear and chaos, TRUSTING THAT INNER WISDOM is more important than ever before!

Mastering the Ascended Sciences becomes a LIFEFORCE of dynamic energy that is ready to be put to service for the benefit of all!

When we call forward the process of the Ascended Rudraksha Sacred Science we restore the purity of the flow of our physical chakras naturally and liberate Life-Force Energy to vitalize our co-creative capacities. This then sets the stage for us to effortlessly lift into the Ascended frequencies and ignite the Seven Rays of Crystalline Light.

This ignition opens more fully our God nature, our Divine Self. Your Ascended Master Within is ready to heal everything and manifest a life that is of joyful divine service. This blessing and bounty is your authentic birthright. Now is the time!

When the “secrets” of the Ascended Science of Rudraksha are once more re-awakened from within, we ignite our inner guru, our inner master and stabilize our Moksha, (enlightenment), energy!

Health, vitality and emotional stability restore while simultaneously we consciously co-create with the universe in remarkable and effective ways.

This program is offered as an act of love and service, inspired by the Violet Ray Shiva and the Blue Starborn.We invite you to open yourself to the gift of your abundant nature…..

Shakti Exchange for the Complete Series: $44

You will receive:

1. Three Full hour MP3 Audio Sessions

2. Three Full Color Comprehensive session workbooks

3. Complete Manual/Instruction Guide for the Sacred Activator Sequences

4. Three Instructional Videos of the Sacred Activator Sequences

5. Your Master Soul Code and Interpretations

6. Be fully trained in the mystical Sacred Activator Sequence for Oneness wtih the Seven Rays of Crystalline Light.