Shiva Lotus Blessings!

Shiva Lotus Blessings!

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The magnificence of Lord Shiva skillfully hand carved from sacred Kadamba wood!

This beautiful deity statue comes forward with presence and is also a divine keeper of your most sacred intentions.

Each is just slightly different as it carries its unique energy signature from the artist who skilfully created it.

Finished with beautiful touches and gold accents that radiate the energy of the divine forward into your altar, or sacred space.

We all LOVE this Shivaji and have noticed that often we place different items with him as they bring forward even more energy!

Notice the detail and serenity of his face in the closeup as he holds the Narmada pendulum that amplifies both pieces of art!

Gaze at the energy of the sacred lotus and the illuminated crown that are behind his head in the photo of his back. The perfect place to keep your Creation Portal pendant when not in use.

Generously sized and standing at a full 6 inches, he also has a lovely soft red velvet backing on the base to gently rest wherever your heart places him!

A true one of a kind that will bring ample blessings, protection and transcendent energy into your sacred space.

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