Mystical, magical and highly misunderstood, the Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word made of the name Rudra ("Shiva") and akṣa ("Teardrops"). The myth and lore of the love of Lord Shiva offering the energy of the divine in form as tears for the benefit of the world brings forth the Rudraksha seed as a conduit for sacred connection at its purest!

The Sacred Science of Rudraksha is based upon 1000’s of years of direct experience in combination with modern testing and validation. A beautiful synergy of the gifts of mother nature in harmony with the mystical.

The fruit of a broad leafed evergreen tree, they contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and trace elements. While some are grown in India, the vast majority are from Nepal and Indonesia.

We could easily share with you the many touted benefits of wearing these sacred gifts of the divine, and invite you to discover the research that calls to you. The simple fact is that Rudraksha beads, prepared and worn correctly, are profoundly healing and also happen to be beautiful. They work tirelessly to assist your essential balance and health. Proper placement on the body connects the Rudraksha with your meridian fields and assists with rapid stabilizing energy for your Chakra system and energy body, plus your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies!

Unlike an acupuncture session or other healing modality, the investment in Rudraksha will last for many years rather than a single session. Imagine having the support of this blessing with you all the time.

Proper use of Rudraksha is as important as using a Rudraksha that has not been destroyed through chemical processing. Its proper use ignites the ascended state of your being while offering great stability for your chakras. It allows energy principles to flow with our meridians..

Each Rudraksha seed has lines that create a sacred geometric energy specific to that seed. Based on its number of mukhis, each seed carries a very specific energy and there are corresponding mantras that can be sung to enhance this gift. By using the Rudraksha one can easily benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. As you connect with the Rudraksha who is calling you and begin to use this blessing of divinity, you will be delighted with the rapid improvement of all aspects of your life and your creative abilities to manifest miracles.

Rudraksha seeds have naturally occurring grooves that determine the number of faces of the seed and determine its highest use. These grooves are known as Mukhis.

It can honestly be stated that Rudraksha are a health bargain. A simple, time proven healing experience that offer a vast array of benefits. These are specifically defined and cover virtually every aspect of our lives. These specifics have long been established and researched based upon the Faces or Mukhis of the seed and where it is worn. 

Rudraksha have both a “North” and a “South” position. This is vital information for when they are set into the wearable art that they are! How the North and South are positioned determines the amount of energy that is emitted. Proper creation assists the natural vital forces to flow in harmony with your chakras and meridians and facilitates great healing force.


Sadly, due to the high demand for quality Rudraksha it is important to know what you are looking at. There are many low quality and outright FAKE seeds sold everyday. You can educate yourself and be sure of only fine quality.

There are widely accepted evaluation aspects to determine the authenticity and value of a Rudraksha bead. Here is the top nine you should know prior to making any purchase of Rudraksha from anywhere.

  1. Size– There are many sizes within each of the 1-21 mukhi. Based upon where the seeds were grown can affect the overall size. All beads emanate energy when properly handled, however based upon the position on the body that it is worn there are preferred sizes for specific energies.
  2. Shape– Rudraksha should always be naturally shaped and not cut or polished. There are traditionally round seeds and also seeds that are shaped like a crescent moon and ovals.
  3. Color– The origin of Rudraksha affects color. Seeds are sourced most commonly from either Nepal or Indonesia. There are a few grown in India. Natural Rudraksha will range from a light cream to a rich brown color.
  4. Surface Texture– The seeds should be hard and the projections of the seed well defined.
  5. Faces or Mukhi appearance– The lines that define the faces of the seed are important for the healing and benefits bestowed to the wearer. The lines must be well defined and clearly seen to assure quality.
  6. Modification– Many vendors will attempt to make seeds of less quality seem better and “improve” them with various interventions. This often includes carving Mukhi lines to be more distinct and other shifts to enhance a poor quality seed. Shivoham refuses to accept Rudraksha that have been modified in any way.
  7. Worked – It is a fact that seeds that have been improperly mounted lose their energetic value. While they may look “pretty”, a seed that has invasive settings is considered “worked” and is virtually useless for the purposes of healing and spiritual benefit.
  8. Treatment–The handling of these sacred seeds is vital! We only source seeds that are free from all non-sacred handling. Every aspect of your Rudraksha from harvest to your home is handled with the care and respect that these precious seeds deserve! Our Rudraksha are sourced from small family owned farmers that carry on the ages old traditions of sacred ritual and tree protection.
  9. Contamination– Sadly the use of harsh chemicals in both the growing and processing of Rudraksha is rampant! Chemicals interfere with the potency and effectiveness of the seeds and are assured amongst low cost seeds. Often entire harvests are literally thrown into large vats of chemicals to quickly remove seeds from the fruits. This 100% destroys the vital energy and is a common practice. Our seeds are hand-washed and handled with great care and RESPECTED.

The sacred sound of the OM is a call to discover the inner soul, a peaceful stillness that offers a portal open to inner wisdom. The experience of OM manifests itself in form through the Sacred Murmur of Avesa, (Ave-SA), the divine breath that opens its divine door to the seed of the soul.

The seed of Avesa of the soul in form is the sacred Rudraksha. It is the highest physical gift of Avesa as the Shakti in union with the divine Shiva, a unified stream of harmony, balance and infinite restoration. The Shivoham logo has the energy of Avesa's harmony pulsating through the loving and empowered Shiva. A unified stream of divine energy harnessed with grace, love, protection and the presence of the miracle.

There are so many beautiful stories about Rudraksha. The most important thing is how they were born on the planet as the tears of Shiva. They were given as a gift! They are more than powerful symbols, they carry with them the ability to harmonize ALL energy in the stable presence of Peace, Love and Joy!

We invite you to see beyond what you already know about the Rudraksha and open to the Ascended presence of these awesome gifts. Why not immerse yourself in the experience of this gift of love in form?