Crystals have been proven to balance the chakras, cleanse the energy field and transmit healing properties that support energy. They are a beautiful gift from nature that offers energetic support and visual beauty ! Crystals generate a frequency they supports your raising vibration easily and consistently. Knowing the secrets to proper selection of appropriate crystals and how to maintain them in synergy with your highest intentions is a critical foundation of wisdom.

There are crystals that resonate with different chakra frequencies and are useful for chakra healing. This is where we all begin. To fully anchor the ascension frequencies, the lower chakras need to be in a steady balance that offers consistent reassurance to our physical form. This harmony and balance supports our journey into the more refined vibration of ascension frequency.

As we achieve steady balance in the lower chakras, our attention naturally lifts toward enhancing the upper chakras. Through the gift of spiritual focus, we bring all of our chakras into a state of balance and harmony.

As the higher chakras resonate with higher frequencies, the crystals that work the absolute best with these frequencies are Clear quartz and Amethyst. These sacred gifts, Clear quartz and Amethyst, are naturally aligned with the 6th and 7th chakras. (Our third eye and crown chakras)

Both clear quartz and amethyst are uniquely qualified to support all the chakras as they provide energetic cleansing, amplification and protection against negativity. They are indeed universal and powerful allies.

Quartz and Amethyst assist with healing, ascension and anchoring higher consciousness. These crystals can activate latent psychic abilities, as they assist to further open conscious communication with angelic guides and your divine guidance.


Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone, perhaps the most powerful versatile stone of the mineral kingdom!

It is able to work on any condition and will amplify both energy and sacred intention. Quantum Physics teaches that our thoughts influence the action of subatomic particles. Where thoughts go our energy flows! Clear Quartz strengthens and enhances the aura!

Here is how you can enhance the natural power of clear quartz.

  1. Hold the crystal in your hands and relax.
  2. Bring your attention to the heart chakra as you open your heart energy and envision your positive intentions.
  3. Feel the love and beauty of your sacred intention while holding the clear quartz.
  4. Visualize that energy radiating through your hands into the quartz.

The crystal will attune to the frequency you are radiating. Clear quartz amplifies your intention into your energy field, thus attracting into your life the circumstances and people who are aligned with that frequency!

Clear Quartz additionally draws off negative energy of all kinds, can reduce EMF, background radiation, and even petrochemical emanations. It is a master healer and a powerful ally for your ascension journey. The energy field of clear quartz actually repels negativity and can reduce physical pain.

It is important to cleanse the quartz from time to time, especially if you have worn your quartz into an environment of toxic energy. There are many ways to do this, the simplest being to rinse the crystals under running water and then allow them to air dry. Before wearing it is best to recharge them again with your sacred intent.

As you develop a personal relationship with your crystals you will know when they need cleansing and recharging. Crystals help enhance your awareness of the sacredness of life!

Clear quartz positively effects all chakras, however its primary resonance is with the crown chakra. As a crown chakra stone, clear quartz will help your memory and enhance the functioning of your nervous system.

The crown chakra color is associated with violet (representing enlightenment) or most commonly with white (signifying purity, perfection and bliss).


Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. It offers spiritual protection,purification, and is a crystal of creativity. Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye (6th chakra) and the 7th chakra (Crown).

Amethyst is a meditative and calming crystal which helps heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Amethyst also guards against psychic attack, and transmutes any negative energy into love.

Known as the holder of the Violet Flame energy it is also associated with Archangel Zadkiel and the Ascended Master St. Germain. Amethyst is a blessing on so many levels! It effortlessly assists to transmute coarser frequencies such as depression, anger, hurt and fear. Amethyst also helps protect the wearer from electromagnetic stress and radiation. Amethyst naturally relieves stress, and irritability while it lovingly balances emotions.

Because amethyst resonates with the 6th chakra, it activates spiritual intuition. This is valuable as clear guidance is offered through connection with its higher aspects. Additionally, it supports metabolic functions, (endocrine system), and can ease headaches while also dissolving traumatic imprints. It is a powerful friend!


A very powerful and unique crystal, Hessonite is a form of Garnet. This stunning natural gift has long been respected as a spiritual crystal. For many it is the final step on their journey as it helps to resolve any worldly issues. Through the spacious opening that comes naturally through resolution, the opening of the divine doorway for rapid spiritual growth and expansion is assured.

Those who wear Hessonite experience an almost immediate energy that stabilizes/restores self-respect and confidence. This comes forward by eliminating feelings of guilt and inferiority. It supports the creation and development of new opportunities while clearly releasing challenges. It further opens the intuition and enhances psychic abilities. A truly valuable and versatile “must have” for Ascension frequencies.

Hessonite Garnet supports the energy field to eliminate feelings of inferiority and provides courage to continue with ones dreams. Itis reported by many that it imparts self-confidence for its wearer. It rids the mind of negative thoughts, and provides mental peace while enhancing ones courage and self-empowerment. It helps reduce limiting influences from the physical plane.

Hessonite Garnet is especially helpful to those who are dedicated to service as it activates and supports qualities of directness and good will. Hessonite encourages the movement of Kundalini and helps you to ground spiritual forces into the body.

The beneficial effects of the hessonite cannot be overstated. As you work with this stone you will notice greater clarity, confidence, release of fear and clearing of confusion. Hessonite is truly well deserved to be called the stone of success and abundance.