Wise beings or Sages throughout the millennia teach that the chakras are energy centers located within the physical body. The energetic radiation created by these centers is influenced by physical, mental and emotional conditions. The state of ones chakras reflects the patterns present in ones life. Therefore chakra healing is the intention to bring chakra energy into a robust balanced state that benefits ones health and harmony.

When our chakras are balanced, we tend to be more peaceful and resilient. Balanced chakras offer us energetic support that is often experienced as a state of confidence and greater capacity for service.

Just as our DNA carry the blueprint for our tissues and biological heritage, our chakras carry the ‘blueprint’ or energetic intersection where our physical biology meets our divine flowing energy!

Our chakra systems pattern of emanations offer immediate information about our physical and emotional reality experience.


There are seven primary chakras associated with the spinal column. These chakras are powerful! Their functioning directly affects physical and emotional health. Emotional energy radiates through the chakras, and different emotions are associated with different chakras.

Love for example, is famously associated with the fourth chakra, located at the heart. Conversely, anger is more frequently a third chakra energy. Fear can live in any of the seven chakras and inhibits healthy functioning of all the chakras. However, fear is most commonly associated with the first, (root chakra) and crown, (seventh chakra) combined.


The first chakra is associated with one’s sense of safety in the world, such as having food, shelter and freedom to live one’s life. Survival issues are root chakra challenges. The seventh chakra is associated with Divine communion and can be collapsed due to rigid religious dogmas that do not trust direct mystical experience.

In addition to the seven primary chakras there are many other chakras located in different areas of the body. The palms of ones hands and souls of the feet are also powerful chakra centers. “Energetic Healing” modalities, (such as Avesa and Reiki), utilize the palm chakras to radiate healing energy to a client. That energy can assist the client receive a boost or balancing effect as given energy is received for personal healing.

Chakras can be brought into a greater harmony and balance through a wide variety of techniques. Yoga, bodywork, herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition all influence our chakra functioning. Equally important are emotional health and belief patterns, because beliefs directly affect energy flow. Unresolved emotional pain such as hurts and anger diminish chakra energy flow.

Because the chakras radiate energy they can be influenced by energy. Quantum physics teaches us that our thoughts influence our reality. Spiritual science confirms quantum science in this regard as both are referring to the interaction of energy with form.

An example would be a person who is holding the pain of hurt or failure in their energy field. Unresolved, this emotional pain can support a limiting belief such as “I always have bad luck” or “I deserve to be punished”. Once the limiting belief is accepted into consciousness, then an unsupportive pattern of energy flow is established.

Certain chakras will be affected by the limiting beliefs. Over time, the diminished energy flow starves the associated tissues of the body and physical symptoms can arise. For example, unresolved feelings of disempowerment can result in gallstones while unexpressed anger energy can result in kidney stones and arthritis in the joints. The science of Medical Intuition offers insightful information on the interaction of the emotional energy through the chakras to the physical body.


Chakra healing requires that we bring consciousness and healing to our personal process. A yoga or bodywork session can stimulate a chakra to function more robustly. However, the yoga session alone does not heal the limiting belief that supports the dysfunctional energy flow.

Emotional healing, forgiveness and resolution of old traumas liberates our energy if it is accompanied by a reframe of one’s attitude toward life. However, once energy is flowing in a certain pattern, it tends to continue flowing in that channel even after the emotional healing.

For lasting benefit it is essential that we take a holistic approach.

When we experience an energetic gain, through a healing session or meditative visualization, how do we ‘hold” that energy? One proven way to anchor the gains is to wear specific Rudraksha, Shiva Eyes and therapeutic gemstones that support the chakra that is ‘in recovery’.

Rudraksha Sacred Science has confirmed that each Rudraksha seed is a vital energy generator and based upon the number of faces, (Mukhis), they generate a frequency that supports health. By strategically selecting certain Rudraksha seeds and wearing them correctly we begin to shift the patterns of energy that have resulted in unbalanced chakras. Rudraksha works at the level of the patterns.

Healthy energy flow gives us the best chance for a healthy life. Simply wearing authentic hand prepared Rudraksha will steadily enhance ones health and vitality as it assists your chakra system to remain open and flowing.

When we invite ourselves to combine this gift with healthy lifestyle choices, the Rudraksha seeds anchor the gains! We discover that this ancient wisdom an essential tool on your evolutionary journey.

Your chakras reflect the state of your health and your consciousness. Chakra healing can begin at many levels and will be enhanced through intelligent use of the energetic tools that lift one’s vibratory frequency and balance the energy body.