Frequently misunderstood or affiliated with a singular belief, Ascension is the process of lifting from the coarser frequencies of a third dimensional existence into higher more refined frequencies. In many ways, Ascension is an automatic process in that as sentient beings, we all grow and heal. There is a secret to this process, and it is the anchoring of the energy of love, (unconditional acceptance of self and others),as our foundational orientation. Until we can fully anchor this energy, ascension frequencies may be touched for a moment or imagined, yet they elude becoming an every day reality.

We live in a quantum universe. Quantum Science is now proving what metaphysical science has known for centuries. For example, the universe is made up of energy and even seemingly physical objects are in fact in a constant state of motion. Quantum physics has demonstrated to us that our thoughts directly influence the flow of energy. With this fact, we then know that ones energy is a reflection of ones consciousness.

Many people believe that Ascension is something that happens only at the moment of death and only for a “few who are chosen”. Other people understand that the journey of our life is an integral part of our ascension process. We recognize that when humans are loved and safe, they will naturally evolve. We also recognize that identifying with our spiritual nature supports this journey.

It is human nature to mature and refine. Through the vast experiences of our lives we may be called to move into a more ‘ascended way of living’. We have learned that our beliefs affect our state of emotional balance. As we grow in knowledge and awareness we become less troubled by our emotions and judgments. Ascension is a natural process..

Famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, wrote that humans travel life through a hierarchy of need fulfillment. As the basic needs of life are fulfilled, (physical, emotional, sense of belongingness), we naturally seek out more refined expressions, such as self-esteem and beauty. He called this evolutionary process ‘self-actualization’. Self-Actualization includes realizing ones full potential.

In the earlier stages of our development and growth we take distinct steps. Physical needs, (like personal safety), must be realized before more refined needs, such as self-esteem and respect for others can be realized. Later in his life, Maslow began to write about the next step, Transcendent Needs.

Transcendent needs include both being of service to others and spirituality. Maslow commented that Self-Transcendence was unique; it could be accomplished even when the so-called lower needs remained unfulfilled.

Self-Transcendence, (Maslow), means to connect with something beyond the ego and we refer to this process as Self-Ascension. Once a person recognizes that they have an identity beyond the personality-self, (ego), then the ascension process has truly begun.

Ascension can literally be chosen and the journey enhanced through conscious commitment. Self-Ascension is the recognition that ascension is a choice; not just a “possibility” following the death of the physical body. While religious practices can support the personal ascension process, ascension is far from the property of any one religion. It is in fact part of your spiritual DNA and available to all.


For most it begins with the adaptation of non dogmatic spiritual techniques such as yoga, meditation, and energy practices. The purpose of these techniques is to help us experience ascended states of consciousness, (a relaxation of the ego). Once we touch an ascended state we have given ourselves a ‘direction’, a new context for our lives.

It is important that we have a point of reference outside of the ego if we are to lift into Oneness. The ego is a mechanism of control and self-preservation, while the ascension process includes the surrender into a greater ocean of consciousness.

Ascended states of consciousness are accompanied by a sense of deep peace, love and the energy of Joy. Once touched, we begin to bring these ascended energies into our daily activities.

Peace, Love and Joy are the hallmarks of ascended living!

As we identify with these states of being, we learn the difference between expansion and ego. We train our consciousness to discern when the ego is dominating our reality so that we can consciously choose freedom. Through our spiritual practices and our commitment to healing and evolution we consciously lift. As we identify with the expanded state of consciousness we have less need for the egoic state. The journey of ascending consciousness affects our energy and helps us make more refined choices.

Ascension is indeed the process of Awakening. Self-Ascension is the experience of being a conscious co-creator and harnessing all circumstances in your life to anchor your Awakening. As we awaken we take responsibility for our experience.


While there are many symbols, crystals and spiritual objects that are recognized to be supportive, not all carry ascension energy. That is, some tools, crystals and spiritual practices are better suited for grounding and sustaining a stable energy than for healing and lifting. For example, some symbols and art tend to inspire a worldly context in your consciousness while others activate a latent inspiration or inspire trust in the unknown.

Be mindful of the objects in your home and what you chose to use to adorn your body. Jewelry that is pretty but not energized can satisfy your sense of style and beauty, yet may not support your vibratory rate.

Anything that touches your body or is nearby affects your energy field. Knowing this ignites the opportunity for you to consciously select clothing, jewelry and all personal objects for your home or workspace that lift your energy. This supports you to anchor is a more ascended frequency and helps insulate you from worldly friction and fatigue.

Ascension is your birthright! You are ascending, and now it is time to fully support that gift!