Ascended Sacred Sciences: REMEMBERING the 12 Cosmic Rays of Light

Ascended Sacred Sciences: REMEMBERING the 12 Cosmic Rays of Light

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An extraordinary 3-session journey

Prerequisite:  completion of  Secrets of Ascended Rudraksha Sacred Science: Mastery of the 7 Rays of Crystalline Light                    

(Click Here for the prerequisite class)

You have ignited the Golden Seed of Creation and called forth the 7 Rays of Crystalline light to sustain your Ascended Presence.

Within your heart is a knowing that there is a greater mystery that is ready for you to Ascend into...a Mastery presence that defies words and is carried deep within your soul...

A Oneness that unifies body, mind, spirit, soul!  That transcends male/female, positive/negative.

A blessing that carries you beyond the form into the presence of the formlessness and back again.

This is a journey...this is an energy activation and soul mastery attunement process.

It is the full presence of the 19 Rays of Cosmic Reunification and your REMEMBERING of yourself as the 12 Rays of Cosmic Light!

This ancient mystical initiation is offered through three tele-journey sessions LIVE with Sri & Kira September 16, 23 and 30 at 9am Pacific Time, USA.

If you cannot join LIVE, you will receive recordings AND we encourage your participation live for maximum benefit from the powerful energetic attunements and vast library of divine material that is being delivered.

Your tuition includes literally everything you need: 3 LIVE tele-sessions with Sri & Kira Full color PDF workbook for each session 12 Activating Attunements 12 Mystical Meditations for Ascension

BONUS!  Beautiful video guided meditation with the Cosmic Eye Crystal for Full Integration of the 19 Rays of Cosmic Reunification

This is a journey your soul has known would arrive when the timing was perfect...this is the time!